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Review: The Hidden Revolution ‘Useless Noises’ EP


The Hidden Revolution have recorded a 4 track EP due to release on November 25th. Heading straight to the skies with their epic sound (the band has previously won EP of the year). Writes Chris Lincoln. We were sent a copy of “Useless Noises” and here’s our verdict on what you can expect from The Manchester based 5 piece.

The title track “Useless Noises”, offers some solid vocal harmonies, it’s a fun beginning that keeps you interested and sets up the EP remarkably well. The smooth paced opener punches hard; you may  find yourself a sucker for the whip cracking guitar licks, snare rolls and vocal energy. The middle 8 really shines bright and gives the record structure. Drummer Jon Clark shakes up a really interesting use of build-ups, which emphasizes the guitars, he gives the record that extra kick you’re always looking for in a single.

2nd track “Bones” is a soft melodic tune built for a late night drive in the city. It’s the most chilled out piece on the EP, The arrangement and style adopts characteristics similar to the massively underrated Kaddisfly. Vocal bends push the dynamics of the record whilst guitarists Dale Harrop, Leon Brierly and Chris Wise show off some wicked harmonies and riffs. The middle section strangely steers away from the initial sound of the track and seems like an unusual break from the theme, however for some of you this may be a good thing.

The EP’s 3rd track “Symbolize” is one of the catchiest songs on the record, the chorus is highly infectious and it just grabs a hold of you and yells I AM GOING TO TAKE YOU! There’s a sense of magic in this record and we love it. Bass player Ian Sanderson delivers a brilliant layer of substance in the record and plays when it matters most. The big treasure in Symbolize is the successful climax in the middle leading to the last chorus, which at that point just oozes drama.

The last track on “Useless Noises” is “Perfect Motionless”. It’s a beautiful piano and vocal record that again, offers some wonderful harmonies. Here, the band’s vocalist Chris Wise is true to his voice and is not afraid to derive from conventional melodies. To simply sum it up, it’s an epic ballad, which is masterfully written. Genuine heart and soul make this record memorable.

The band reminds  this writer of the massive sounding Muse, the vocalist could almost be the brother of legendary Matt Bellamy. If you are a fan of echo on a guitar, soul-piercing build-ups, snappy and catchy choruses and powerful vocals, you are definitely going to enjoy this EP. “Useless Noises” is a melodic rock record that visits a variety of genres, a rare mix of styles that combine magnificently.

The EP is available in the Musicosis Music store CLICK HERE or on the EP picture

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